2011-09-21 03:03:46
Rumors of this blogs demise....
Alas, the astute reader would glance at a post date or two on this blog and state, this blog is dead, move along! We'll have to do something about that, now, won't we.
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2007-11-19 00:19:52
Can Amazon Re-Kindle the eBook Flame?
Some would say that it was only a matter of time. (Others might say that it's about time) Amazon is finally taking a go at the eBook. People are already lining up to label their new device the iPod of the book world. Some might ask though, if not Amazon, can anyone pull this off?
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2007-10-26 08:21:01
Palm Drives the Last Nail
And interview with the executive chairman of Palm states that it will be 18 months before their new rev of the Palm OS shows up on a device. "It's a probably good target", Rubinstein said. "These things take time." The big question though, that has to be on everyones minds, can Palm afford to be out of the game that long...
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2007-10-23 08:24:39
Sprint to go Flat Rate for Local Calls
Sprint has announced that it will be expanding its offering of 'unlimited local and nationwide long distance calling from a home calling area for a fixed monthly price' through its Boost Mobile division under the branding 'Unlimited by Boost' Is this the start of the end of pay by the minute cell phone service?
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2007-10-22 12:05:42
Monkey attack kills Delhi leader
The deputy mayor of the Indian capital Delhi has died a day after being attacked by a horde of wild monkeys...
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