2007-10-15 09:46:27
Sprint Launches Own Network
In what looks like a preemptive strike on crowding the video delivery space Sprint has announced SEE (Sprint Exclusive Entertainment) its 'own network of original TV programming.'

From the press release:

SEE's brief on-demand programs average approximately two minutes in length and focus on three major areas sports, music and entertainment news. The programs are shot at various on-site locations and at a brand-new studio managed by production partner Intersport. SEE delivers more than 150 programs each week that are hosted by well-known personalities.

And the game begins. It is not, of course, enough to just serve the same content that *anyone* else can. You need that exclusive angle to tie it in. The 2 minute size is of course Sprint acknowledging that with existing speeds, people are not going to be watching much content yet. Still, getting the world out early is good for hype (and build your market space). The trick now is to deliver. At this rate though. It seems that Sprint will have the relations it needs if/when it attempts to make the leap to the set top box.

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