2011-09-21 03:03:46
Rumors of this blogs demise....
Alas, the astute reader would glance at a post date or two on this blog and state, this blog is dead, move along! We'll have to do something about that, now, won't we.

A bit of history, that you did not ask for, but since you are bothering to read anyway. This blog was actually originally created not so much for the blog it self, but more as a trip into the wonderful word of all things blog. I wanted to write some blogging software, not knowing anything about blogging short of what I had read, I figured the best way to learn was to do. The result is the site you see slapped together before you.

As I got further into the project, I noted something though. It was more about myself than anything else, but also a bit of a reaction to the state of the Net and blogs as they are. Namely, there is no *content* in many of the blogs you see today. You'll get a link, maybe some cut and paste copy, a (hopefully) witty comment and that's it. Most times the only saving grace is in fact the comments (which can contain more original content then the post itself)

If you have bothered to glace at some of the posts on this site, you will see that I tend to go on at length on things. This is somewhat intentional, usually there is a point I'm working to get across. The one thing I quickly found out was that in attempting to throw together a simple post, I was spending *way* too much time, googling for links, looking back to find real numbers on a stat I had read about, etc. I added a draft feature very early on and I quickly found that I was getting a backlog of posts, most mainly waiting for references, etc. Now at this point, some die hards will say, that's what updates are for, etc. The thing is, if I were going it invest the time to read one of these posts, I would not want a lot of hand waving, I'd want the points, blow for blow, so I could make up my own mind on things talked about. The long and the short is that I put the site on hold for a while, mainly for lack of time. I'm looking at the best way to move things forward. I'm more one for quality over quantity. I actually see this site as being more of a magazine type than a blog. Maybe there is a format where things can merge and still be engaging for myself and anyone that stumbles upon. The bottom line is that I'm technically still here. :}

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